4.1. Customizing the Ganglia Web interface

The Ganglia Web interface (at http://YOUR_FRONTEND_NAME/ganglia/) allows extensive customization. This is done by modifying the file /var/www/html/ganglia/conf.php on your frontend. The default configuration file contains:


$conf['rrdtool'] = "/opt/rocks/bin/rrdtool";


If you would like to change the font used in the various graphs, for example, use something like the following instead of the $conf['rrdtool'] line above; "Sans" is the font to use:

$conf['rrdtool'] = "env RRD_DEFAULT_FONT='Sans' /opt/rocks/bin/rrdtool";

You can also set the default metric and prevent certain graphs from appearing; simply add something like the following to somewhere between the <?php and ?> lines:

$conf['show_stacked_graphs'] = 0;
$conf['default_metric'] = 'cpu_report';

You can also override the installation defaults supplied in the file /var/www/html/ganglia/conf_default.php. For example, if you would like to modify the list of time ranges available, you could add something like the following to conf.php:

$conf['time_ranges'] = array(
   '15min' => 900,
   'hour'  => 3600,
   '2hr'   => 7200,
   '4hr'   => 14400,
   'day'   => 86400,
   '3day'  => 259200,
   'week'  => 604800,
   'month' => 2419200,
   'year'  => 31449600

Note that you should not modify conf_default.php directly!

For further ideas on customizing conf.php, please read the default configuration file /var/www/html/ganglia/conf_default.php. You should also see the Ganglia Web 2 homepage.