C.6. Commands

C.6.1. 411get

411get [--all] [--master=url] [--conf] [--pub] [--shared] [--local] [file]

Retrieves and decrypts 411 messages. Prints resulting file to stdout. When invoked with no files, 411get will list the available 411 messages.

The following options are available:

The master servers, along with their quality score, are listed in the /etc/411.conf file on compute nodes.

C.6.2. 411put

411put [--411dir=dir] [--urldir=dir] [--see] [--noalert] [--alert=channel]
[--411name] [--pub] [--priv] [--comment=char] [--chroot=dir] 
[--chroot-here] [--group=group] file1 file2 ...

Encrypts and publishes files using the 411 secure information service. Will send a broadcast message to client nodes by default, alerting them of a changed file.

The following options are available: