B.22. Release 2.0.1 - changes from 2.0

Changed to new directory structure according to RedHat. Existing users will have to delete their mirror of www.rocksclusters.org and re-mirror to pickup the current RedHat directory naming scheme. NOTE: you need the new cluster-dist from www.rocksclusters.org to create a new mirror!

Added support to kickstart laptops (still working on this)

Frontend can now have either a DHCP or static address for the external network. For DHCP the DNS information provided from the external DHCP server is inserted into the Rocks Database and propagated to compute nodes.

Increased default DHCP lease time

Replaced Linux's useradd with create-account.

Force glibc-common RPM to be installed. RedHat 7.0 doesn't install this due to errors in the RPM database.

NIS database gets rebuilt on the frontend once an hour.

Create directories on frontend/compute nodes before putting down SSL and SSH keys. Fixed permission on directories.

Ssh-agent now forwards through nodes

Ssh doesn't use privileged port (makes firewalls happy)

cluster-kickstart set real and effect UID to root so all members of the install group can run shoot-node. Previously only root could do this.

Fixed reinstalls on IDE and SCSI hosts (only IDA host worked before, thanks to a RedHat 7.0 change)

Fixed bssh bug