B.21. Release 2.1 - changes from 2.0.1

The main change in this release is that thanks to RedHat 7.1, we now use the Linux 2.4 kernel.

Based on RedHat 7.1, instead of 7.0.

Linux 2.4.x kernel, instead of 2.2.x.

Cluster-dist has been replaced with Rocks-dist. Command line arguments are very similar, with the explode command being removed and replaced with the --copy flag. The new Rocks-dist creates smaller distributions, fixes the problem of expensive mirror updating, and simplifies CD building. Also, it no longer deletes the distribution before rebuilding, this means the build directory (where kickstart files reside) is persistent across distribution builds.

Frontend is now a stratum 10 NTP server, so compute nodes will clock sync to the frontend even when the frontend cannot reach an external time source.

Usher daemon now correctly daemonizes, since we patch the GM code to allow processes to fork.

Symbolic links for Ekv and piece-pipe RPMs removed from the build directory, and "@Control@" section added to kickstart files.

Pbs_mom_config.h generated in the kickstart build directory.

Added pre-defined types to the models table in the SQL database. Also, removed dead tables from database, and made column order more human friendly.

Add SQL parsing to cluster-[ps|kill|fork] scripts.

Removed cluster-config-compute, and cluster-config-frontend from the "%post" section in the kickstart file. The cluster-config rpm is now build and installed on the fly on each compute-node.

Bumped lilo timeout to 5 seconds.

Added FORCE_UNIPROCESSOR macro test to force sick SMP machines to kickstart as uniprocessor nodes.

Major revision of insert-ethers. Can now be used to replace nodes, and start at arbitrary ranks and basenames.

Minor maui and pbs bug fixes.

Added gm-mpich SHMEM support to mpi-launch.