B.19. Release 2.1.2 - changes from 2.1.1

Many network and storage drivers have been added to the installation CD. For example, SMC 83c170 EPIC/100 (epic100.o), RTL8139 SMC EZ Card Fast Ethernet (8139too.o) and the Promise SuperTrak Driver (pti_st.o) have all been included (as well as about 100 more).

The cluster configuration web form has been simplified.

The initial kickstart file that is generated from the web form is now streamed directly back to the user (rather than displaying the kickstart file, and then asking the user to save the file). This should finally kill the "I saved my kickstart file on Windows" problem.

An option to manually partition a frontend disk has been added to the cluster configuration web form.

The recursive directory /home/install/install/install/... has been eliminated.

Ganglia's axon is now started before pbs-server, as the pbs-server initialization script asks ganglia for the number of processor in each node when it creates one of it's configuration files.

The latest "stable" release of Myricom's GM (1.5) and MPICH-GM (1.2.1..7) packages.

High-Performance Linpack is now precompiled for Myrinet and Ethernet.