B.18. Release 2.2 - changes from 2.1.2

Based on RedHat 7.2.

Upgraded Ganglia (provided by Matt Massie of UC Berkeley) to 2.1.1.

Incorporated PVFS RPMs that were graciously provided to us from Najib Ninaba and Laurence Liew who work at Scalable Systems Pte Ltd in Singapore.

insert-ethers looks to see if a Rocks distribution exists. If it doesn't, insert-ethers rebuilds it.

Upgraded MPICH-GM to version 1.2.1..7b.

Added the "stream" memory bandwidth benchmark.

Added functionality to rocks-dist so distributions can be rebuilt without having to mirror the entire distribution.

Implemented a "greedy" partitioning scheme on compute nodes. The default partitioning is: 4 GB root partition, then /state/partition1 is the remainder of the first drive. The second drive, if present, will have one partition labeled "/state/partition2". The third drive, if present, will have one partition labeled "/state/partition3", etc.

Bug fix - added a "watchdog" timer to kickstart. This reboots a kickstarting node if it can't find a kickstart file. This problem was reported by folks trying to kickstart multiple nodes at the same time.

Bug fix - increased the polling intervals for maui so it won't time out when asking PBS about node status on larger clusters.

Bug fix - makedhcp now adds the full pathname to pxelinux.0 when it builds dhcpd.conf.

Bug fix - create a device node for /dev/cdrom.

Bug fix - /var/log/messages is now appropriately rotated.