B.14. Release 3.0.0 - changes from 2.3.2

Based on RedHat 7.3 for x86 and RedHat Advanced Workstation 2.1 for ia64 (all packages recompiled from publicly available source).

Enhancement - Includes RedHat updated RPMS (and recompiled SRPMs for ia64), as of September 3 2003.

Enhancement - Includes kernel version 2.4.20-20.7 for x86 and version 2.4.18e.37 for ia64. Installation environment includes all drivers from the above kernel packages.

Enhancement - New full-featured DNS server and structured ".local" naming conventions within cluster.

Enhancement - Linpack (xhpl) works out of the box for Pentium IV and Athlon.

Enhancement - Added remove node feature to insert-ethers.

Enhancement - New layout of all MPICH transports. See /opt/mpich on the frontend for the new directory structure.

Enhancement - Add support for 'Rolls'. An x86 Rocks frontend install now requires two CDs: the Rocks Base CD and the HPC Roll. An ia64 frontend still requires only one DVD.

Enhancement - Added 'Grid' Roll. This roll includes all packages from NMI R3.1, which includes Globus, the Simple Certificate Authority, and other packages.

Enhancement - High-Performance, fault-tolerant MPD job launcher made available. Automatic MPD ring creation and healing via KAgreement-mpd protocol. (Currently in beta phase for this release)

Enhancement - New 411 Secure Information Service to replace NIS. (Currently in beta phase for this release)

Enhancement - Latest Ganglia version 2.5.4 including better webfrontend speed and streamlined appearance, and more efficient network and disk metric handling.

Enhancement - New PhpSysInfo page on compute nodes, available along with /proc link on Ganglia host view page.

Enhancement - Ganglia command line tool has new --clustersize and --alive=host options.

Enhancement - Kickstart graph now viewable from frontend web page.

Enhancement - For kickstart graph files, new <file> tags made available, with owner="root.root" and perms="ga+r" attributes. Beta phase of RCS-based tracking of all config file changes made for post-section repeatability.

Enhancement - Kickstart graph ordering is explicit. Previously the evaluation order of individual nodes depended on graph weights. Node dependencies can now be explicitly specified using <order> tags in the graph files.

Bug Fix - UNIX manual pages correctly shown (we extend /etc/man.conf)

Bug Fix - NTP now synchronizes all compute node clocks with the frontend.

Bug Fix - add-extra-nic now supports multiple NICs per compute node.

Bug Fix - Ganglia RRD metric histories are archived on physical disk and restored on startup.

Bug Fix - Includes NCSA's OpenPBS scalability patches. Can now launch PBS jobs that require more than 64 processors.

Bug Fix - USB keyboard works on all ia64 Tiger boxes