B.13. Release 3.1.0 - changes from 3.0.0

Base Linux packages compiled from publicly available RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 Source (Advanced Workstation) for all architectures.

Switched to Sun Grid Engine 5.3 as the default batch scheduling system.

More Rolls: NMI/Globus Release 4, Java, Condor, Intel compiler rolls available.

New Architectures: Opteron (x86_64) receives first-class functionality.

Enhancement - New MPICH version More efficient MPD parallel job-launcher handling. MPICH2 included by default as well.

Enhancement - Using latest Myrinet mpich-gm 2.0.8 for all architectures.

Enhancement - Updated SSH version 3.7.1 with no login delay.

Enhancement - 411 Secure Information Service used by default, replacing NIS.

Enhancement - Greceptor replaces Gschedule to support mpdring, 411, cluster-top and others. Achieves an order of magnitude better performance than its predecessor.