B.11. Release 3.2.0 - changes from 3.1.0

New Feature - Added the Condor Roll. This brings the distributed high-throughput features from the Condor project to Rocks clusters.

New Feature - Added the Area51 Roll. This roll contains security tools and services to check the integrity of the files and operating system on your cluster.

New Feature - Ganglia RSS news event service.

Enhancement - Improved network handling for compute nodes: any interface may be used for the cluster private network, not simply the default "eth0".

Enhancement - Better support for cross-architecture clusters containing x86 and x86_64 machines.

Enhancement - GM device driver now builds and loads on compute nodes that have a custom kernel (e.g., a kernel from kernel.org).

Enhancement - Software RAID for custom compute node partitioning is supported.

Enhancement - Added variables for root and swap partition. If you only want to change the size of root and/or swap, you only have to reassign two XML variables.

Enhancement - The default root partition size has been increased to 6 GB (up from 4 GB).

Enhancement - SGE ganglia monitor added. The state of all SGE jobs can be tracked from the frontend's web page.

Enhancement - PXE support extended to support floppy-based Etherboot and ia64.

Enhancement - EKV uses ssh instead of telnet for security.

Enhancement - New Myrinet MPICH version 1.2.5..12.

Enhancement, Java Roll -- Updated JDK to version 1.4.2_04

Enhancement - Latest software updates recompiled for three architectures from RHEL source rpms.

Enhancement - Automatic MySQL Cluster database backup.

Enhancement - MAC addresses are included for each node in the "Cluster Labels" output.

Enhancement - Frontend rescue mode on the Rocks Base CD enabled. By typing "frontend rescue" at the boot prompt will give you a shell in which you can examine the state of the frontend.

Bug Fix - 411 hardened. More reliable notification of changed files. Correct Makefile encrypts login files on frontend first-boot.

Bug Fix - Multiple CD drives are supported for bringing up a frontend. If you have more than one CD drive connected to your frontend, the installer will now correctly identify which CD you are using.

Bug Fix - Ganglia metrics are now saved on frontend reboot. After a reboot, all Ganglia history will be restored from the previous boot.

Bug Fix - PVFS compiled with -mcmodel=kernel on Opteron.

Bug Fix - XML escape characters (e.g., &, <, >) are supported in the installation screens (e.g., the Cluster Information screen and the Root Password screen).

Bug Fix, Intel Roll - All the Intel compiler libraries are now copied to the compute nodes.