B.10. Release 4.3 - changes from 4.2.1

B.10.1. New Features

B.10.2. Enhancements

OS: Based on CentOS release 4/update 5 and all updates as of July 4, 2007.

Base: Anaconda installer updated to v10.1.1.63.

Base: Performance improvement when building torrent files for the Avalanche Installer.

Base: Database indirects. More flexibility with Rocks variables.

Grid: Globus updated to gt4.0.4 with web services.

Condor: updated to v6.8.5.

PVFS2: updated to v2.6.3.

Java: updated to v1.5.0_10.

Ganglia: updated to v3.0.4.

HPC: Now using OpenMPI and PVM from RedHat distribution.

B.10.3. Bug Fixes

Base: Install now supports machines which have more than 26 disk drives.

Base: 411 clients now atomically update files.

Condor: Max heap size properly set for java programs on small and large memory machines.

Condor: All logging written to /var/opt/condor.