B.5. Release 5.4.3 - changes from 5.4

B.5.1. New Features

B.5.2. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: Updated anaconda to v11.1.2.224

Base: Built against CentOS 5.6 with Updates as of August 7, 2011

Base: database secured during installation. DB security now setup using script.

Base: Only root can create tables in cluster db. Use the rocks.my.cnf file to connect to db as root, because the db is already secured by the time this xml file.

Base: Default random root passwords for client nodes

Base: Added a Development Appliance. This is a backend appliance designed for building rolls without impacting the frontend. The appliance uses the frontend yum repository by default but can be configured to use it own local repository for full isolation.

Base: Removed foundation-perl, cpan, and cpan-support. These have been moved to the Perl roll

Base: Save the debug files from the ramdisk onto /root of the hard disk, so we can use them for post-install analysis.

Base: Properly report disk partitions into the database for software RAID file systems. Increase installation speeds for clients with software RAID file systems.

Base: 411 shared key is no longer transferred through kickstart. It is transferred through "rocks sync host sharedkey" 411 configuration is now generated through "rocks report host config411" 411 files are not transferred during kickstart. They are now transferred at first boot.

Base: Unambiguous add host command. Previously it was not possible add hostnames that were command line actions. For example, you could not add a host called "attr" because the command "rocks add host attr" exists.

Base: Remove shadow attributes from attributes tables and added secure attributes tables.

Base: Set primary interface of login servers back to private. Otherwise SGE behaves badly.

Base: Firewall rules now have rulenames and lexical ordering.

Base: Add profile.d/ssh-keygen to login appliances

Base: Hard link /etc/ssh/authorized_keys/id_rsa.pub to /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub. If a user (or update) sets root's directory permissions tightly, we still read the public key.

Base: Block non-priviledged traffic to 411 port from all networks, including localhost.

Base: Add variable to manage number parallel instances of "rocks sync host" commands.

Base: Support for pre-send, filtering, and post receive actions in 411.

Base: Minor modification to 411put. Use a get_filename function instead of a filename constant.

Base: 411 plugins can access host attributes

Base: 411 filters user password, and shadow information of users with UID < 500

Base: Initial Support for host categories and indicies.

Base: named.conf bug fixes - Now supports multiple subnets on non-octet boundaries.

Base: If yum install fails due to dependency error, force install using rpm --nodeps.

Base: Rocks run roll now honors the "--interpreter" flag to the post sections.

Base: Honor .<arch> directive to yum install. When installing packages use, "yum install <package>" instead of "yum install <packagefile>.rpm"

Base: Use YUM instead of RPM for rocks run roll This fixes two issues - On 64bit we were not installing the 32bit RPMs, and name.arch packages were not being installed.

Base: Support for HVM when using the Xen roll.

Base: Runtime optimization: Do not regenerate ALL pxeboot files. Just those for the hosts specified on the command line.

Base: Parallel class now takes care of serializing tasks that may overrun the system. If more than a set number of tasks are running, then requesting tasks will wait till slots are available to run Each task now prints out error messages if they fail on remote hosts. This way, we can track which syncs failed and which ones succeeded.

Base: Root ssh key needs to be passwordless to allow command/sync access to backend nodes. If root, create ssh key without passphrase. If normal user, create key interactively.

Base: Updated Java to 1.6 update 26

Base: Support for versioned centrals

HPC: Removed ganglia-web-frontend-addons from HPC roll

HPC: Update IOZone to 3.397

HPC: Update MPICH2 to v1.4

HPC: Update OpenMPI to v1.4.3

Ganglia: Updated to v3.2.0

Ganglia: gmond.conf cleaned to support updated version.

Ganglia: Updated apr to v1.4.5

Ganglia: Updated apr-utils to v1.3.13

Java: Tomcat-connectors rpm bug fix. Now no longer generates conflicts when installing tomcat httpd configuration.

SGE: Upgraded SGE to Open Grid Scheduler v6.2 update 5p2

SGE: Move the login appliance configuration out of the SGE roll and into the Base roll.

Web Server: Updated Wordpress to 3.1.3

Web Server: Updated Rocks Theme for Wordpress.

Web Server: Scrub root password from the installation and set the admin password to a string that never hashes.

Web Server: Wordpress admin password can be reset only if valid admin email is supplied.

Xen: Now support HVM as well as paravirtual instances

Xen: no longer need 'rocks-create-vlan'

Xen: added a report to create the xendomains configuration file

Xen: save the CA key and CA certificate that are used to authenticate

libvirt messages. Xen: touch /var/lock/subsys/xendomains in order to save running VMs

Xen: Ability to put frontend on arbitrary vm-container and set its name

Xen: Explicitly state default for virtualization type

Area51: set the right attr for the default tripwire email address

Area51: send tripwire reports to multiple recipients

Bio: Login appliance gets Bio Roll

Bio: Biopython now depends on Python Roll

Bio: BioPython upgraded to v1.5.7

Bio: BioPerl now depends on Perl Roll

Bio: BioPerl CPAN support utils updated

Bio: All BioPerl CPAN utils now built with cpan2dist

Bio: Updated EMBOSS to v6.3.1

Bio: Updated Autodock suite to v4.2.3

Bio: Update CGView to v2.0

Bio: Update fasta to v36.3.5a

Bio: Update MrBayes to v3.1.2

Bio: Update Blast to v2.2.25

Bio: Update reportlab to v2.5

Bio: Update t_coffee to v8.99

Bio: Update WGS to v6.1

Condor: Update Condor to v7.6.2

Condor: rocks login appliance submits jobs to condor

Condor: Experimental: Support submission to EC2

Condor: Add RANK parameter