B.4. Release 5.5/6.0 - changes from 5.4.3

B.4.1. New Features

B.4.2. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: Updated anaconda

Base: Built against CentOS 5.8/6.2 with Updates as of May 8, 2012

Base: Java Updated to Version 7 Update 3

Base: Eclipse Moved to Java Roll and Updated to version 3.7.1

Base: Profile scripts only add once to PATH variables

Base: rocks run host localhost performs a fork instead of an ssh.

Base: Utilize subprocess and hashlib for newer version of Python

Base: Improve performance of report host dhcpd by nearly a factor of 10 on large clusters.

Base: Added Git RPM.

Base: Really fixed Zombie Processes in 411 service

Base: Patched foundation-python to remove a requirement on /usr/local/bin/python.

Base: Updated Version of M2Crypto to 0.21.1

Base: Better Bootstrapping support for building Rocks. Supports "bootstrap0" which starts on a bare OS install. Use yum whenever possible in package installation.

Base: Removed rebuild of Kudzu. CentOS fixed their internal build problems.

Base: Only have 32-bit or 64-bit version of Java. Not both. Works around broken Oracle-supplied RPMs where only one can be installed.

Base: Fixed various graph ordering issues.

HPC: Use environment modules. Set rocks-openmpi as default MPI Module

HPC: Added PVM RPMs for Version 6. PVM dropped from Native OS.

HPC: OpenMPI compiled with SGE integration

Ganglia: Updated profile.d scripts to only add once to PATH

Ganglia: rrdtool renamed to foundation-rrdtool to avoid conflicts with external reposistories.

Ganglia: Removed a Package Conflict with ganglia-pylib

Ganglia: Insured that ganglia linkes with Rocks-compiled rrdtool

Java: Eclipse updated to 3.7.1

Java: JBOSS updated to 6.1.0. Version 5 was deprecated and would not build on CentOS 6

Kernel: Rewrote the rocks tracker to use SQLite for storing hashes. Eliminated segmentation faults of older code.

Kernel: handle difference between syslog and rsyslog

Kernel: build keyutils only on 5, not on 6.

SGE: Added Security Patched to Open Grid Scheduler v6.2 update 5p3

SGE: Fix compilation to work on both 5.8 and 6.2

Bio: Many build fixes for Perl modules.

Bio: Extracted profile scripts to an RPM for easier management

Bio: mpi-blast compiled with the rocks-opemmpi module loaded

Bio: BioPerl now depends on Perl Roll

Bio: BioPerl CPAN support utils updated

Condor: Update Condor to v7.6.6

Condor: No support for CentOS 6/32-bit.

Condor: Install simple condor test.