B.3. Release 5.5/6.1 - changes from 5.5/6.0

B.3.1. New Features

B.3.2. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: removed creation of md5sum of all rpm packages during rocks create distro

Base: now properly configure rsyslog on Rocks 6 (instead of syslog)

Base: properly configure logrotate on Rocks 6

Base: better handlying of "rocks run host" when running command on the local host

Base: added suport for frontend with single partition

Base: new documentation section on ipmi and insert-ethers command line

Base: support for GPT partition table on the compute nodes (disk bigger that 2TB)

Base: Bugfix. Secure Attributes resynchronized after reinstall/reboot.

Base: Bugfix. Fixed "remove appliance" to raise an error if a host with that appliance type stil exists.

Base: Bugfix. Support software RAID-1 for compute node / partitions

Base: Bugfix. For automatic reinstalls, grub configuration modified to add ksdevice= directive

Base: Bugfix. Fixed permissions on file: /etc/security/ca/ca.cfg

Base/Kernel: Bugfix. Kernel roll can now be rebuilt if just the Rocks-trimmed OS Roll is installed. Full CentOS distribution not required.

Kernel: tracker client now checks received rpm with internal rpm md5sum

Ganglia: updated Ganglia to 3.3.7