B.2. Release 5.6/6.1_sp1 - changes from 5.6/6.1

B.2.1. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: rocks yum repository is clean from errors (automatic dependecies/provides detection has been disable on several packages, in particular: all the opt-perl-* rpms, foudation-git, etc.)

Base: /opt/rocks/lib/mysql is not included in the loader path so system mysql uses system libmysqlclient.so and not rocks mysql libs (several other useless entries were removed from the ld.so.conf).

Base: JDK updated

Base: grub boot timeout is now 10 seconds

Base: improved script to fetch 441 private key after re-installation of a node

Base: it is now possible to use a /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts.local to insert static entries

Base: rocks set host interface ip does not allow anymore invalid IP number

Base, Ganglia, KVM: several fixes and improvement to the documentations

Base: Bugfix. record in rocks data base partitioning information

Base: rocks report host interface was failing with bonded interface

Ganglia: rrd uses previous data retention policy (as in ganglia 3.2) to reduce disk usage (ganglia 3.3 policy was to 39MB per node http://marc.info/?l=npaci-rocks-discussion&m=135850438309730).