B.1. Release 6.2 - changes from 6.1.1

B.1.1. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: rocks run roll now supports host flag to specify the hostname

Base: rocks create distro now spawns 8 worker threads to improve speed of distro rebuild

Base: rocks add host verifies hostname is not an appliance name

Base: fix reverse path filtering on centos 6.x

Base: rocks set host bootflag now is applied to the local grub kickstart configuration

Base: security fix in kickstart.cgi and setPexboot.cgi

Base: rocks add appliance now supports specification of a distribution

Base: 411-alert-handler properly handles corrupted timestamp file

Base: creates rst files for roll commands

Base: properly apply MTU when using VLAN on an interface

Base: commands: fix report interface with IPMI interface

Base: do not propagate group with GID < 500 through 411

Base: set host ip now accepts NULL

Base: insert-ethers now verifies that required serivces are running at startup (dhcpd, httpd, tftpd, channeld)

Base: rocks create distro sets proper umask before creating the distro

Base: login and frontend nodes install fail2ban

Base: it is now possible to reconfigure networking of frontend without reinstallation (public/private ip setting, fqdn, gateway, etc.)

Base: <file> tag supports disabling RCS file generation

Base: <file> tag supports include attribute to simplify xml scripting

Base: firewall now supports SNAT

Base: Use NFSv4 for home directories and /share

KVM: CPU capabilites can be specified with attributes

KVM: support building virtual frontends on vm-containers when the container has a public interface

KVM: several plugins allow flexible configuration in several parts of KVM roll (starting a VM, stopping a VM, creating libvirt xml)

KVM: physical container can suspend and resume virtual machine when shutting down and when restarting

KVM: Virtual Machine can now mount ISOs as cdrom drive

KVM: virtual machine can now run on different appliances type (not just VM Container)

KVM: airboss client can now fetch private keys from ssh-agent

HPC: openmpi uses the proper BTL

ZFS: updated to Support for the ZFS event Daemon is automatic.

ZFS: Bug Fix Properly rebuild ZFS modules when kernel is updated.

HTCondor: updated to 8.2.8

HTCondor: fixed UID_DOMAIN setting to be the local domain

HTCondor: configuration now supports Condor's config directory structure.