C.5. 411get Configuration File

As mentioned above, 411get configuration is stored in a file on the client nodes. This file is generated by a rocks command.

#rocks report host config411 compute-0-0
<file name="/etc/411.conf" perms="0600" owner="root:root">
<![CDATA[<!-- 411 Configuration -->
<master url=""/>

The configuration file contains information about the client node, stored as XML entities. For eg. - the appliance, group, and OS information. This entities are converted to attributes that are made available to the plugins. When 411get is run, the config file is read, and the OS, appliance, etc. information is stored in a dictionary called self.attr. This dictionary is made available to all the plugins, so that the plugins may filter based on the attribute of the nodes.

The admin may extend the config file to include entities other than the default ones. For this a rocks command line plugin must be created that outputs XML tags. Please see how to create a rocks command line plugin in the Rocks Developers' Guide.

Once the rocks command line plugin is created for the rocks report host config411 command, the configuration can be synced to the client nodes using the following commands.

# rocks report host config411 compute-0-0  | ssh compute-0-0 "rocks report script | sh"