Chapter 5. Customizing your Rocks Installation

Table of Contents
5.1. Adding Packages to Compute Nodes
5.2. Customizing Configuration of Compute Nodes
5.3. Adding Applications to Compute Nodes
5.4. Configuring Additional Ethernet Interfaces
5.5. Compute Node Disk Partitioning
5.5.1. Default Disk Partitioning
5.5.2. Customizing Compute Node Disk Partitions Single Disk Example Software Raid Example Programmable Partitioning
5.5.3. Forcing the Default Partitioning Scheme for All Disks on a Compute Node
5.5.4. Forcing Manual Partitioning Scheme on a Compute Node
5.6. Creating a Custom Kernel RPM
5.7. Enabling RSH on Compute Nodes
5.8. Hostbased vs. Key-base SSH Authentication
5.9. Adding a New Appliance Type to the Cluster
5.10. Adding a Device Driver
5.11. Extending DNS
5.12. Changing the Root password
5.13. The insert-ethers command line