Chapter 8. Advanced Tasks

Table of Contents
8.1. Managing the Firewall on the Cluster Nodes
8.1.1. Categories. Subtle Syntax
8.1.2. Adding Rules. Ordering Rules. Examples
8.2. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator
8.2.1. Download and Install App for your Smartphone
8.2.2. Creating a User's Second Factor (One Time Password)
8.2.3. Enabling Two-factor for a particular user
8.2.4. The User Experience
8.2.5. Frequently Asked Questions
8.3. Flashing BIOS on Compute Nodes Using PXE
8.4. Adding a Login Appliance to Your Cluster
8.5. Channel Bonding Interfaces
8.6. Frontend Central Server
8.7. Cross Kickstarting
8.7.1. Cross Kickstarting x86_64 Compute Nodes with a i386 Frontend
8.7.2. Cross Kickstarting i386 Compute Nodes with a x86_64 Frontend
8.8. Adding Kernel Boot Parameters
8.8.1. Adding Kernel Boot Parameters to the Installation Kernel
8.8.2. Adding Kernel Boot Parameters to the Running Kernel
8.9. Controlling Bootloader Parameters
8.10. System Update
8.10.1. System update using update roll
8.10.2. System update using YUM
8.11. Reconfigure a Cluster
8.11.1. Supported reconfiguration
8.11.2. How to reconfigure a system