3.1. Tripwire

Tripwire is configured to automatically scan the files on your frontend daily. This is accomplished via cron. To test the tripwire cron script, execute:

# /etc/cron.daily/tripwire

A Tripwire tab on your cluster's home page will indicate that tripwire is installed.

When the tripwire cron job runs, clicking on the tab will result will bring up the most recent tripwire report and a set of monthly archives of previous reports

When this cron script runs successfully, tripwire sends mail to root (default). The cron script also creates a web page which shows the most recent tripwire report and web-archives of previous reports.

To view the mail message, execute mail, then hit return at the & prompt. You'll see a mail message that looks similar to:

[root@rocks22 root]# mail
Mail version 8.1 6/6/93.  Type ? for help.
"/var/spool/mail/root": 1 message 1 new
>N  1 root@rocks22.sdsc.ed  Thu May 20 22:37 210/8552  "Tripwire: Daily repor"
Message 1:
From root@rocks22.sdsc.edu  Thu May 20 22:37:42 2004
X-Original-To: root@rocks22.sdsc.edu
Delivered-To: root@rocks22.sdsc.edu
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:37:41 GMT
From: root <root@rocks22.sdsc.edu>
To: root@rocks22.sdsc.edu
Subject: Tripwire: Daily report from rocks22.sdsc.edu

Parsing policy file: /opt/tripwire/etc/tw.pol
*** Processing Unix File System ***
Performing integrity check...
Wrote report file: /opt/tripwire/db/report/rocks22.sdsc.edu-20040520-223648.twr

Tripwire(R) 2.3.0 Integrity Check Report

Report generated by:          root
Report created on:            Thu 20 May 2004 10:36:48 PM GMT
Database last updated on:     Never

Report Summary:

Host name:                    rocks22.sdsc.edu
Host IP address:    
Host ID:                      None
Policy file used:             /opt/tripwire/etc/tw.pol
Configuration file used:      /opt/tripwire/etc/tw.cfg
Database file used:           /opt/tripwire/db/rocks22.sdsc.edu.twd
Command line used:            /opt/tripwire/bin/tripwire --check --cfgfile /opt/

3.1.1. Changing the Target Email Address

To have tripwire email its report to a different email address, run the command: rocks set host attr localhost tripwire_mail "address1 [address2]". For example, say you want the tripwire reports to go to wopr@wargames.org and root.

# rocks set host attr localhost tripwire_mail "wopr@wargames.org root@`hostname`"

To view the set of addresses for the Tripwire Daily Report:

# rocks list host attr localhost | grep tripwire_mail